Our Mission

The Secure ID Coalition is an affiliation of companies providing digital security solutions for identification documents, including contactless smart cards. Our mission is to promote the understanding and appropriate use of smart card technology to achieve enhanced security for ID management systems while maintaining user privacy.

Such ID management systems include physical and/or logical access to facilities and networks.

Our Partners

Working with the following groups to help lead the charge for secure identification systems


Citizens Privacy Rights

Coalition members support specific citizen privacy rights as follows:

Privacy of personal information as defined by all relevant regulations and laws, principally the body of laws known as the Fair Information Practices.

Confidence that ID documents have been appropriately secured against threats of fraudulent access to personal information.

Knowledge of

  • 1what data is contained in electronic ID document;

  • 2how that data will be collected, secured and transmitted;

  • 3the presence of radio frequency (RF) technology in ID documents;

  • 4when, where and why an RF device is being read.

Secure News to Know

  • Health Data Breaches: A Ticking Time Bomb

    The botched Affordable Care Act rollout earlier this year reminded millions of Americans of the particularly acute pain that can accompany health insurance and healthcare delivery. Millions more faced chaos when Target announced that data from 40 million credit and debit cards was stolen by hackers in one of the largest financial breaches in history. But what do you get when you combine the intimacy of healthcare with the propensity for data breaches prevalent in the financial sector? A recipe for disaster.

  • DOD Takes Mobile Security to a New Level

    Virtually all Department of Defense employees and contractors carry Common Access Cards (CACs) that allow them to access the department's secure IT systems by verifying who they are. Recently, the Department of the Navy and Defense Information Systems Agency have begun piloting software that allows employees to access secure information via their smartphones.


  • Medicare Fraud: We need real answers, not lip service

    We all know that the government spends money in ways that it probably shouldn't. And we hear politicians talking about reducing waste, fraud and abuse all the time. Medicare is one of the largest and most expensive federal government programs, financing $604 billion worth of healthcare services in 2013. Unfortunately, it's almost one of the most fraud-ridden. Read more...

  • Who's Surfing in Your 'Data Wake'?

    You may not realize it, but as you make your way through the online world – whether it's for school, work, or just goofing off – you're leaving a trail of information behind you that data brokers are thrilled to follow, just as a ship leaves a wake behind as it travels over the open ocean. Not only would the information they're collecting shock you, but the inferences they can draw would make you never want to leave the house again.