Our Mission

The Secure ID Coalition is an affiliation of companies providing digital security solutions for identification documents, including contactless smart cards. Our mission is to promote the understanding and appropriate use of smart card technology to achieve enhanced security for enhanced ID management systems, while maintaining user privacy.

Such ID management systems include physical and/or logical access to facilities and networks.

Our Partners

Working with the following groups to help lead the charge for secure identification systems


Citizen Privacy Rights

Coalition members support specific citizen privacy rights as follows:

Privacy of personal information as defined by all relevant regulations and laws, principally the body of laws known as the Fair Information Practices.

Confidence that ID documents have been appropriately secured against threats of fraudulent access to personal information.

Knowledge of

  • 1what data is contained in electronic ID document;

  • 2how that data will be collected, secured and transmitted;

  • 3the presence of radio frequency (RF) technology in ID documents;

  • 4when, where and why an RF device is being read.

Secure ID News to Know

  • Major Health Data Breach is Just the Tip of the Iceberg

    Community Health Systems Inc., one of the country's largest hospital groups, revealed that it was the victim of a major patient data breach following a cyber attack from China. While no health data was stolen, the personal information of approximately 4.5 million patients – including Social Security numbers – was obtained by the hacker group. Last month, the Secure ID Coalition alerted the public to the dangers of lax heath data standards.

  • "Smartcard technology can't happen soon enough"

    In an article published Saturday, Jaikumar Vijayan, Senior Editor at Computerworld, shows how in light on ongoing data breaches, "The ongoing migration of the U.S. payment system to smartcard technology can't happen soon enough":

  • Passwords: An Incomplete Solution to an Out of Control Crisis

    By now you may have heard about the Russian cyber gang that amassed over 1.2 billion username/password combinations and over 500 million email addresses. Chances are they may have some of your information locked away in their data vault, waiting to sell it to other criminals willing to pay a high enough premium, who will then try to access your credit cards or bank accounts. In light of other high profile data breaches over the past year, you may be wondering if there's an end in sight to it all. Well here's the bad news: It's only likely to get worse.